Kodim 0735 / Surakarta Holds the Periodic Test of Periodic Tests of TA.2019, This is the Goal


SURAKARTA, LENSAJABAR.COM –In order to improve the physical fitness of soldiers and maintain the physical abilities of their soldiers, Kodim 0735 / Surakarta carries out the physical fitness (Garjas) Periodie I test year 2019, at the Sriwedari Stadium, Solo, Tuesday (26-3-2019).

Prior to the implementation of the activity, personnel checks were carried out first and followed by a health check which measures the tension and pulse for all soldiers.

This must be done to determine the health condition of each soldier before carrying out the test. As for the Garjas test this time includes the ‘A’ freshness test, which is a run of 12 minutes, and the ‘B’ freshness test, namely Pull ups, Sit ups, Push ups, and Shutle runs, as well as a 50 meter basic swim.

Officer of the Kodim Personnel Section (Pasipers) First Lieutenant Kav Suhartono, when met on the sidelines of the activity, emphasized that the implementation of the Periodic Garjas was aimed at measuring the extent of his soldiers’ physical abilities, and increasing the physical and dexterity capabilities of the Kodim 0735 / Surakarta to support the implementation of tasks principal.

“I hope that all soldiers carry out this activity seriously and maximally, and pay attention to safety factors, so that goals can be achieved as expected.”

Furthermore Suhartono added that the task challenges faced in the future in the Territorial Unit were increasingly not easy, this would certainly require excellent physicality in carrying out these tasks, therefore regular physical development was needed, one of which was through the implementation of this periodic test.

“In carrying out this test, all values ​​will be taken individually, if there are soldiers who have not reached the standard graduation value that has been determined, later the soldier concerned will be carried out on their own physical training and specifically given training until they reach the specified value.” He concluded.

(Arda -72, Pendim 0735 / Surakarta)

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