Dandim 0808 / Blitar Creates 2019 Election Safe and Peaceful


BLITAR, LENSAJABAR.COM — To create a simultaneous General Election in 2019 that is cool, safe and peaceful, the Regency Government. Blitar held the KPU and Forpimda Morning Coffe together, held at Gasebo, District Office of the District Head. Blitar Jln. Semeru no. 40 Blitar City, Monday (03/25/2019).

The Coffe Morning was opened by Blitar regent H. Drs. Rijanto, MM said that the purpose of this Coffe Morning is to discuss the preparation for the implementation of the 2019 elections on various issues that are going forward, especially safeguards and stages of the 2019 elections.

The success of the election simultaneously the election of the president and vice president as well as the election of legislators is the responsibility of all cross-sectors, “it requires the cooperation of all parties to create a safe and peaceful election.

And it is expected that there will be input from the Stake holders in preparation for the implementation of the 2019 elections, so that in the future the 2019 Election can run safely, peacefully and smoothly, he said.

Meanwhile the Dandim 0808 / Blitar Lieutenant Colonel Inf Kris Bianto, SE asked all parties to maintain conduciveness during the period leading up to the General Election, so that security and harmony would be well maintained.

“Maintain conduciveness by upholding mutual respect, because we are all brothers, let’s create a cool, safe and peaceful simultaneous election,” he pleaded.

Furthermore the Dandim also appealed to all elements of the apparatus and layers of the Regency and City of Blitar to maintain unity and unity.

We are all brothers, although different ethnicities, religions, races and languages, let us create together the conditions of peace in facing this political year “you can choose your right to choose differently but we are still brothers” said Dandim 0808 / Blitar (Red).

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